How do you optimize the required space and efficiency of your car lift?

The mobility of our society is changing. The ecological aspects are increasingly coming to the fore, the discussions about CO² emissions and fine dust pollution or even driving bans show the dynamics of the topic. This makes it all the more important to position yourself correctly for the future. A decisive step is to make workplaces for electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles available today. Combining the different requirements in terms of structural conditions of the electric vehicles and individual pick-up points in one lifting platform is a task that has to be solved.


For free access to the battery, which is usually located in the underbody of the vehicle, you need a wheel grip system to lift the vehicle. For standard work such as changing a wheel, a 2-post lift with swivel arms is sufficient. The specialist for lifting technology, Consul workshop equipment GmbH, now has a solution for precisely this issue. The 2.35 double system, which combines both requirements, was included in the product range. It is the perfect extension for the 2-post lifts Consul 2.45 Premium, Consul 2.45 HD FLEX and Consul 2.45 HD-Pro.

It offers the inestimable advantage of being able to use one and the same platform with both a swivel arm chassis and a wheeled lift system. This creates two areas of application at the same workplace and upgrades a workshop for changing electric car batteries without requiring additional space. E- or hybrid vehicles are safely lifted using the wheel grip system for work underneath the vehicle, the fold-away wheel grips allow for the usual lifting using the swivel arms at the lifting points.

The lifting platform is designed for small vehicles up to luxury class limousines such as the S-Class or BMW 7 series. And another important advantage: Despite the expansion, the column spacing remains the same. The new 2.35 double system can of course be easily retrofitted for any of the 2.45 stage systems. The load capacity of the entire system is limited to a sufficient 3,500 kg. All operating equipment required for service is included in the scope of delivery.

The new 2.35 double system is the decisive expansion to make workshops ready for the age of e-mobility. Space-saving and efficient.



How long does it take to install and commission a lifting platform?

Consul lifts are almost fully assembled. Usually, we need about 6 hours to set up a 2-post lift.

can a lifting platform also be used in a small workshop?

Due to the intelligent design of the Consul lifting platforms, we sometimes only need a ceiling height of 2.60 m.

Thanks to the wide range of products, there are solutions for all needs and requirements.

How do you operate the lift?

All Consul lifting platforms are operated via a push button control or a reversing switch.

can a lifting platform also be used for private use?

Of course yes, just pay attention to the floor and electrical requirements.