Why does this Swedish car dealership rely on German quality?

Large selection of Consul lifts in the Swedish car dealership

Our local trading partner Continova relies on German quality when implementing projects in Sweden and recently installed a large selection of Consul lifts in the Hedin Bil car dealership.

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In the area of wheel alignment on platform lifts, the demands on accuracy have increased significantly. On the one hand, the tolerances for level deviations are extremely small, but on the other hand, the requirements regarding wheelbases (up to 4.4 m) and weight (up to 5 t) are increasing. In addition, the so-called “universal platforms”, from Smart to Crafter, should be able to accommodate all vehicle classes, which requires the highest demands on the construction of the lifting platforms. All of these requirements motivated our partner Continova to implement the use of universal 2- and 4-post lifts. The double scissors from Consul are used to accept the vehicle.

Industry: car dealership
Customer: Hedin Bil FORD Store AB
Place of implementation: Stockholm (Sweden)

Operation area:

  • maintenance and repair work
  • vehicle reception
  • vehicle measurement
  • Body work and repairs

Which stages were set up:

  • 1x Consul 4.70 / 4-post lift
  • 1x Consul 4.55 AM / 4 columns
  • 5x Consul 0.35 SDE / double scissor lift
  • 4x 2.35 HD-Flex with FixLift swivel arm system / 2-column hydraulic lift
  • 2x 2.55 HD-G Flex / 2-post hydraulic lift



hebebühne kfz
hebebühne kfz
hebebühne kfz


How long does it take to install and commission a lifting platform?

Consul lifts are almost fully assembled. Usually, we need about 6 hours to set up a 2-post lift.

can a lifting platform also be used in a small workshop?

Due to the intelligent design of the Consul lifting platforms, we sometimes only need a ceiling height of 2.60 m.

Thanks to the wide range of products, there are solutions for all needs and requirements.

How do you operate the lift?

All Consul lifting platforms are operated via a push button control or a reversing switch.

can a lifting platform also be used for private use?

Of course yes, just pay attention to the floor and electrical requirements.