Everything you need for lifting:

“Everything you need for lifting!” Base frame-free lifting platforms for the modern vehicle workshop.

Technical innovations are very popular in the automotive industry. The faster these are implemented, the better. Of course, reliability and safety must not be left behind. The same applies to Consul Workshop Equipment GmbH. In order to keep up, we always follow the latest trends in the industry and regularly expand our products and range.

Hebebühne KFZ

For example, with the 2-post lift 2.30 EL, which combines the well-known features such as the high-quality workmanship and the pronounced safety precautions of the 2.30 Classic and the 2.30 Limited. The inner column cover offers an extension. The control panels integrated into the column are not secured by a two-part plastic cover as usual, but by a one-piece metal hood. In addition to the visual enhancement, it optimally protects the column from contamination by dust and flying sparks during welding or flex work that takes place near the lifting platform.

Hebebühne KFZ

The 2.35 Premium, the Z235 Edition and the HD-Flex have also been further optimized. Everyone now receives 4x 3-part swivel arms with a length of 650 – 1,340 mm. The advantage of the four support arms of equal length is the flexibility when it comes to the mounting points on the vehicle. This means that even more vehicles can be lifted with just one lift. The changes have no impact on the load-bearing capacity. All three lifts can still carry loads of up to 3,500 kilograms. Another advantage of the symmetrical support arms is that the vehicle to be lifted can be moved forwards or backwards into the platform.


How long does it take to install and commission a lifting platform?

Consul lifts are almost fully assembled. Usually, we need about 6 hours to set up a 2-post lift.

can a lifting platform also be used in a small workshop?

Due to the intelligent design of the Consul lifting platforms, we sometimes only need a ceiling height of 2.60 m.

Thanks to the wide range of products, there are solutions for all needs and requirements.

How do you operate the lift?

All Consul lifting platforms are operated via a push button control or a reversing switch.

can a lifting platform also be used for private use?

Of course yes, just pay attention to the floor and electrical requirements.