Powerful and safe: painters are perfectly equipped with this lifting platform!

Consul expands its range with pneumatic lifting platforms

Three new developments with greater load capacity and lifting height

The lift manufacturer Consul has expanded its range: From January 2020, it will be offering the “PneuLift 0.35 F” scissor lift with compressed air lifting bellows and pneumatic control. The offer is clearly aimed at the areas of painting preparation and painting booths. Because of the possible ignition of explosive paint or dust/air mixtures, the company cannot use conventional electromechanical lifting devices there. (Electro-)hydraulic variants are also prohibited because they can emit paint-wetting oil vapors (LABS) into the ambient air. These adversely affect the freshly painted surfaces, for example by cratering.

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The manufacturer’s pneumatic platform expert, Stephan Herweg, names four main features that should set the new family of lifting platforms apart from the competition:

  • The higher load capacity of 3,500 kilograms
  • All bearings and pins sit in anti-wear bushings
  • The center crossbars fold down automatically, giving free access to the rocker panel
  • Ergonomic lifting height of around 1,310 millimeters

Base frames, gratings, ramps and roll-off safety devices are galvanized as standard. There are three versions of the “PneuLift 0.35” in a total of five construction variants: The basic version “F” and the “FK” with an integrated double lifting system for wheel-free lifting. Consul offers both construction variants for floor level (BE) as well as surface (BA) installation. The fifth construction variant is the “FQ”; it is intended for cross transport with a vehicle on a trolley between work preparation and the paint booth. The floor-level versions are available with a CE stop. The track width of all construction variants is 1,980 millimeters, the track length is 3,700 millimeters. The erection length with access ramps of 4,857 millimeters overall length is the same for all stages. The air connection should deliver a maximum of 8 bar pressure.

According to Consul, they manufacture these lifts exclusively in Germany. Standard colors are RAL 9005 and 7035 (jet black and light grey), other (RAL) colors are optionally available. The net list price for the “PneuLift 0.35 F BA” is 5,800 euros, the “Pneulift 0.35 FK BA” is available for 7,000 euros. The BE variants each cost 500 euros more. The transverse transport platform “Pneulift 0.35 FQ” is available for 8,200 euros.


How long does it take to install and commission a lifting platform?

Consul lifts are almost fully assembled. Usually, we need about 6 hours to set up a 2-post lift.

can a lifting platform also be used in a small workshop?

Due to the intelligent design of the Consul lifting platforms, we sometimes only need a ceiling height of 2.60 m.

Thanks to the wide range of products, there are solutions for all needs and requirements.

How do you operate the lift?

All Consul lifting platforms are operated via a push button control or a reversing switch.

can a lifting platform also be used for private use?

Of course yes, just pay attention to the floor and electrical requirements.