To a perfect car care with consul lifts!

„Only the best for your car“

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“Only the best for your car” – whether exterior care, nano-refining, dent removal, leather repair or ozone treatment, the German’s favorite child is in good hands with Sascha Grobe in Roth.

After long planning and short-term implementation, the spring festival and the opening of the new hall were held on March 11, 2018. Countless visitors didn’t need to be told twice and gave Sascha Grobe an inauguration that far exceeded even his high expectations. Sascha Grobe was supported by Consul Workshop Equipment GmbH in equipping the new workshop.

The traditional company from the Sauerland region, which is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year, installed 3 new vehicle lifts in the hall: the Consul 2.40 Premium (2-column lift), the short-lift scissor 0.30 KH and the double scissor Consul 0.35 SDE, Sascha Grobe remains true to his principles: quality, safety and longevity – for the car and the customer.

Consul Workshop Equipment GmbH wishes Sascha Grobe and his team all the best and much success on their way into the future.

consul hebebühne
consul hebebühne


How long does it take to install and commission a lifting platform?

Consul lifts are almost fully assembled. Usually, we need about 6 hours to set up a 2-post lift.

can a lifting platform also be used in a small workshop?

Due to the intelligent design of the Consul lifting platforms, we sometimes only need a ceiling height of 2.60 m.

Thanks to the wide range of products, there are solutions for all needs and requirements.

How do you operate the lift?

All Consul lifting platforms are operated via a push button control or a reversing switch.

can a lifting platform also be used for private use?

Of course yes, just pay attention to the floor and electrical requirements.