Technology "Made in Germany"

Lifting technology is the core competence of Consul workshop equipment. Anyone who rummages through the Halver family company's product range will find it difficult to find anything other than lifting platforms. And it is precisely this specialization that has characterized the workshop outfitter for over 60 years, and should remain in the focus of the company strategy - albeit with an expanded product portfolio. Because the goal of the Halver company is clearly defined. The company's own range of lifting platforms should cover all requirements in vehicle workshops: from acceptance to the paint booth.


To achieve this, Consul launched a pneumatic lifting platform series for the first time in 2020. In addition to the classic two- and four-post lifts and scissor lifts, K&L companies should now also be able to benefit from their lifting platforms in explosion-proof areas. For Stephan Herweg, Sales Manager K&L at Consul, pneumatic lifting technology is a building block for establishing himself as a full-service provider for lifting technology in the K&L branch.


As with its usual product portfolio, Consul also wants to score points with the pneumatic lifts with robust workmanship and durable technology. As Stephan Herweg emphasizes, customers can rely on Consul lifts to be 100 percent "Made in Germany". Among the important technical details of the pneumatic lift, the sales manager includes partially galvanized components, a CE stop and fully booked and stored connections. With the combination of high-quality technology and an extensive range of products, according to the long-established company, awareness and thus market shares should also increase.

Christoph Hendel