Space saving and efficient: The Consul 2.35 Double System

The idea of mobility in society is changing. Ecological aspects gain more and more importance, as the discussion around carbon emissions, fine dust pollution and even driving bans show how much dynamics this topic holds. It is therefore even more important to be prepared for the future now. A decisive step is to create working spaces for e-cars and hybrid vehicles. The requirements given in regards to structural conditions of the e-cars, individual pick-up points and to combine that in one lift leaves a problem to be solved.

A wheel grab system to lift the car on is required to gain free access to the battery which is usually located underneath the vehicle. However, for standard works such as tire changes, a 2-post lift with swivel arms is required. Well from now on the specialist for lifting technology, Consul Werkstattausrüstung GmbH, has a solution for exactly this problem. The 2.35 Double System, which combines both requirements, has been added to the product range. It’s the perfect expansion for the 2-post Consul 2.45 Premium, Consul 2.45 HD FLEX and Consul 2.45 HD-Pro.

It offers the invaluable advantage to use the same lift with swivel arm chassis and also with wheel grab system. This creates to application areas in the same work space and upgrades one workshop for the changing of e-car batteries with no extra space required. E-cars and hybrid vehicles are lifted via the wheel grab system for safe works under the vehicle and the fold away wheel grab system allows for the usual lifting of the vehicle via the swivel arms at the pick-up points.

The lift is suited for small cars up to high-class limousines like the S-class or Series 7 BMW. And another important advantage: Though expanded the column distance stays the same. The new 2.35 Double System can be retrofitted easily onto every 2.45 lift. The capacity of the full system is restricted to a sufficing 3.500 kg. Delivery contents contain all necessary equipment for full service.

The new 2.35 Double System is the decisive expansion to enable work shops to get ready for the age of e-mobility. Space saving and efficient.