Large selection of consul lifts at the car workshop Hedin Bil in Stockholm

Our resident sales and service partner Continova AB trusts in German quality for the realization of projects in Sweden and has recently installed a large variety of Consul lifts at the car workshop Hedin Bil in Stockholm.

The requirements for precision have increased heavily when it comes to wheel alignment on platform-based lifts. On one side the tolerances for levelling deviations are extremely low, on the other side the requirements for wheel bases (up to 4,4 m) and weights (up to 5 t) are increasing. Furthermore, the so-called ‘Universal-Lifts’ should be able to lift all vehicles classes from Smart up to Crafter which requires lifts to be built to the highest standard design wise. All these requirements have prompted our partner Continova to the use of universal 2- and 4-post lifts. The double scissor from Consul will be used for vehicle reception.

Sector: Car Workshop
Customer: Hedin Bil FORD Store AB
Place of implementation: Stockholm (Sweden)

Field of application:

  • Maintenance and repair works
  • Vehicle reception
  • Vehicle alignment
  • Car body works and repair

Which lifts were installed:

  • 1x Consul 4.70 / 4-post lift
  • 1x Consul 4.55 AM / 4-post lift for wheel alignment
  • 5x Consul 0.35 SDE / Double scissor lift
  • 4x 2.35 HD-Flex wiht FixLift swivel arm system / 2-post hydraulic lift
  • 2x 2.55 HD-G Flex / 2-post hydraulic lift