Consul produced its lifts with over 50% renewable energies.

In times of climate change and resource shortage Consul has been making its mark in modern environmental and energy management for many years. Because to bear responsibility for society and environment belongs to the highest principles for the Halver based company and is being implemented in all areas of the company.



This includes ecologically accommodating manufacturing processes and efficient energy usage as well as a sustainable supply chain. For the lifting specialist this is not just self-evident but now also confirmed via certification.

A recertification by the TÜV NORD took place in December 2019 according to DIN EN ISO 14001 as well as DIN EN ISO 50001.This acknowledges Consuls environmentally friendly company policy and a continuous improvement in energy efficiency. Important components include establishing, implementing, sustaining and continuously improving an environmental- as well as an energy management system.

This includes for example a reduction in energy usage, lowering of carbon dioxide emissions and the best possible usage of resources. In the year 2019 the lifts from Consul were produced with over 50% renewable energies. Through the continuous optimization of processes and procedures the focus of Consul GmbH is always on these goals.


Sustainable economic activity and a considerate handling of raw materials guarantee company-based pollution control and ensure a future-oriented direction. For a proactive design and systematic implementation all employees of the company are being included in pursuit of this.

Based on a specific plan of action which defines the path towards achieving environmental goals, the connected activities are being implemented so that no avoidable pollution or waste of energy can take place. The efficiency of these activities is regularly measured and observed. Apart from detection of eventual problems this also serves as a proof of attained goals.