Consul HD Pro Series – Made possible by latest technology!

With its latest generation of the HD Pro Series, Consul offers a completely new type of 2-column hydraulic lift that is unique on the market in this form.

Due to the intelligent and innovative design with two hydraulic units and an electronic synchronisation control, all cost-intensive wear parts such as supporting cables, hydraulic hoses or pulleys can be dispensed with. Maximum safety is ensured by an arrester device that at the same time serves as a lowering device in order to be able to work on the lifted vehicle without hydraulic pressure.

Important for the professional repair shop: less wear and tear due to dispensing with hoses, cables and pulleys. No restriction when lifting vehicles with a high roof.

The dual unit that Consul uses for the propulsion of the hollow piston pressure cylinder enables the very low installation height of only 2.65 m. Even at full lifting height, only barely 3.90 metres of ceiling height are required. Due to the freely programmable stopping points and dispensing with a cross beam, you yourself decide on the installation height. A mechanical switch-off for vehicles with a high roof is unnecessary due to the intelligent electronic control system.

The new Consul HD Pro Series is the next milestone in your repair shop equipment.

All advantages at a glance:

  • No hydraulic hoses
  • No steel cables
  • No guide rollers
  • No fixed connections
  • Two 2,2 Kw hydraulic units