Consul Special Promotion – 65 years lifting tech

In 2018 Consul celebrates its 65-year anniversary! This means we’ve been developing, designing and producing lifts since 1953 and are an important partner for workshops – and you for us.

Just like our products we distinguish ourselves with stability, flexibility and integrity – and are the right partner to find the best solution for your workshop. Our reliable sales and service team will gladly assist you and is available to you for all types of questions.

linie  In order for the workshops to celebrate as well we're introducing three Consul Anniversary Lifts at special promotional prices.
Since a new lift should be celebrates in the workshop like our anniversary, we'll be including a complementary siphon of tasty "Sauerland" beer with every anniversary lift!

2-post lift 2.30 Supra

The special edition 2-post lift 2.30 Supra offers a lifting capacity of 3.000 kg at a lifting/lowering time of 55 s and naturally everything that identifies a Consul Premium lift. Additionally, it's equipped with longer arms and painted in special color.

2 Säulen Hebebühne 2.30 Supra

Article no.   64168.8
Capacity kg 3.000
Motor data kW / A / V 2 x 2,5 / 20 / 400
Lifting- / lowering time s 55
Article no. 64171.2

Supra Accessory Pack

295 EUR excl. VAT

2nd control unit
Set of 35 mm spacers
Set of tool trays


  • Special rolled section columns
  • Installation rectangular to drive-on direction
  • Carriage guided by 6 rollers
  • Bronze load nut / cast alloy safety nut
  • Oil dispenser for supporting lubrication
  • Broken nut raise lock-down features
  • Acoustic foot protection
  • Softline push-button control with computer guided leveling system
  • Lockable main switch directly on the post
  • Complete covering of post interior
  • Cushioning door stop, adjustable pick-up plate (approx. 25 mm)
  • Arm locking device (easily adjustable), locking at 300 mm
  • 3-pc. arms for lifting from Smart to T6 long
  • 2 years full warranty (extendable to 4 years)
  • Protection class IP 54, GS-approved, DIN EN 1493, CE-approved

4-post lift 4.45 XLT SN-AM Supra

Our 4-post lift 4.45 XLT SN-AM Supra and the scissor lift 0.40 SN-AM Supra, with 4.500 and 4.000 kg capacity and quick 35 s lifting and lowering time, are available at special price including pre-installed LED lighting and air connection as well as being equipped with a high-quality wheel alignment set.

2 Säulen Hebebühne 2.30 Supra

Article no.   55931.0
Capacity kg 4.500
Motor data kW / A / V 1 x 3,0 / 16 / 400
Lifting- / lowering time s 35
Inkl. Article no.   54020.3


  • Low noise hydraulic under oil drive
  • Electro-hydraulic control
  • Separated main switch (can be locked as required by CE)
  • Acoustic foot protection
  • Hydraulic traction cylinder
  • Slack cable, cable failure safety feature and roll back protection
  • Platform with 1000 mm long drive-on ramps for sporty vehicles
  • One platform almost fully adjustable, with locking mechanism
  • Integrated wheel free scissor with extendable supports
  • Locking bars for overall lifting height with locking device each 100 mm
  • Wheel alignment set with double sliding plates and turn-table cover
  • LED lighting (mounted!)
  • Air connection in the platform for jacking beam
  • 2 years full warranty (extendable to 4 years)
  • Protection class IP 54 GS-approved, DIN EN 1493, CE-approved

Scissor lift 0.40 SN-AM Supra

Naturally all lifts have protection class IP 54, GS inspection plate, DIN EN 1493 and CE certificate as well as 2 years full warranty, which is extendable up to 4 years.

2 Säulen Hebebühne 2.30 Supra

Article no.   54602.8
Capacity kg 4.000 / 3.500 (SN)*
Motor data kW / A / V 1 x 5,5 / 20 / 400
Lifting- / lowering time s 5,5 kW - 35
Inkl. Article no.   59580.1


  • Elektro-Hydraulik-Steuerung
  • Master / Slave Hydrauliksystem
  • Einsatz bodenaufliegend mit Auffahrrampen
  • Separater abschließbarer Hauptschalter (wie nach CE verlangt)
  • Akustischer Warngeber (Fußschutz)
  • 17-stufige mechanische Absetzvorrichtung mit pneumatischer Entriegelung
  • Integrierter Radfreiheber mit bds. ausziehbaren Fahrzeugaufnahmen
  • Aufnahme für Drehteller bis 50 mm Höhe mit serienmäßiger Drehtellerabdeckung
  • Verstellbare Full-Size-Verschiebeplatten hinten
  • Inkl. feuerverzinktem Fest- & Loslager
  • Inkl. LED Beleuchtung
  • Inkl. integriertem Luftanschluss für Achsfreiheber
  • 2 Jahre volle Garantie (erweiterbar auf 4 Jahre)
  • Steckdose 230 V, Schutzart IP 54, GS-Prüfplakette, DIN EN 1493, CE-Zertifikat